Welding Inspector (CWII-)

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Competency Certified as Welding Inspector By BNSP through LSP INSPEKTUR Maritim Indonesia, (KKNI Level 6) equal to Senior Welding Inspector by Others International Certification Body.

Welding is essential to the expansion and productivities of our industries, especially in maritime, oil and gas industries, fabrication, etc. Welding is become one of the principal means of fabricating and assembly, erecting and repairing metal product. In order to achieve the quality of welding to the object standard, the welding inspector is required to ensure that the welds are met the code/rule/standard used.


Upon successful completion of this training, participants will be able to:

  1. Well understands in welding machine and basic of metallurgy.
  2. Well judgment of the welding based on code/rules/standard will used.
  3. Design, perform and judgment of Welding Procedure Specification (WPS)
  4. Performing Welder Qualification Test (WQT)
  5. Review of Destructive Test (DT) result.
  6. Performing visual inspection of welding and Operate weld inspection tools
  7. Interpret of Radiographic Film and understanding in well of other Non-Destructive Test such as Ultrasonic Testing, Magnetic Particle Inspection and Dye Penetrant Testing.
  8. Well understand of QSHE Management system and welding management in spiritual manner.
  9. Identify type of corrosion, to control and protect the corrosion.
  10. Well Qualified & Certified as a Welding Inspector beyond the National & International Requirement.

Who Should Attend
All personnel who responsibilities are in making decision, exercising of judgment concerning welding operations in the following industries; shipbuilding / ship repair and construction, oil and gas, offshore fabrication, pressure vessel, boiler, railway, services and maintenance.

Training Modules
Our Welding Inspector Training Module divided into 30 modules, as follows :

  1. QSHE Awareness With Our God Voice and QSHE Management of Welding in Spiritual Manner
  2. Material, Welding & NDT Defectology
  3. Basic Application Of Welding
  4. Various Of Welding, Welding Position & Designations
  5. Various Of Welding Steel & Welding
  6. Various Of Welding Shield Metal Arc Welding (SMAW / MMAW )
  7. Various Of Welding Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW / MIG )
  8. Various Of Welding Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW / MIG )
  9. Various Of Welding, Flux Cored Arc Welding (FCAW )
  10. Various Of Welding, Submerge Arc Welding (SAW )
  11. Various Of Welding, Others, Welding Process Relate
  12. Welding Metallurgy Theory
  13. Blue Print Reading And Welding Symbol
  14. Visual / Inspection (Inspection of Welding Theory & Practical)
  15. Welding Design
  16. NDT Theory & Practice (Magnetic Testing & Penetrant Testing, Ultrasonic Testing, & Radiographic Interpreter)
  17. Destructive Test (Theory & Practice)
  18. AWS D.1.1 ( clause 1, 3 & 4 )
  19. ABS Rules Part II "Material and Welding" (Chapter 4 Section 2)
  20. ASME IX ( Part QW Article 1,2,3,4 )
  21. ANSI B31.3 ( Chapter I, III, V & VI )
  22. API 650 ( Chapter 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 7 & 8 )
  23. API 1104 ( Section 1 to Section 13 )
  24. API RP 2A ( Section 1 to Section16 )
  25. ASME VIII ( Part UG, UW, UCS )
  26. Corrosion & Protection Including IMO-PSPC
  27. Safety MIGAS
  28. Safety DISNAKER
  29. Oil & Gas Industries Instrumentation, Assembly, Installation, and Inspection
  30. Field Practice / Study Tour (The participants shall wear complete PPE, self provided)

Instructor and Examiner

  1. Mr. Sofyan T.S (Ex–ABS Senior Surveyor / Ikbal-M-Yos)
  2. Mr. Mutiara Sakti Hasibuan (International Practician in Welding/NDT)
  3. Mr. Juldefi (Worldwide Professional Inspector/Practitioner)
  4. Mr. Etmon Hanofiar (Technical Representative at ABS Consulting In. & Aramco Inspector)
  5. Mr. Rikhsa Lenggana (International Practician in Welding/NDT/Engineering at Qatar Chemical Company)
  6. Mr. Sabarman Saragih (Lead Structural Engineer at SMOE Indonesia / Bechtel)
  7. Mr. R. Suwandhi (Worldwide Professional Inspector/Practitioner)
  8. Mr. Buktirantau (DISNAKER Batam)
  9. Mr. Naila Mubarok (MIGAS Jakarta)
  10. Mr. Novwan Nazar (HSE/Operation Engineer BP Migas/SKK Migas)
  11. Mr. Mohammad Johar (International Practician in Welding/Engineer at PT. Chevron)
  12. Mr. Decky Antoni (QA Manager PT. Profab Indonesia)
  13. Mr. Ronny Andalas (PT. Pakartek Engineering / Ikbal-M-Yos & ASNT / EN 473 / ISO 9712 / SKT Migas Level III)
  14. Mr. Anwar Khairi (Welding Inspector/Engineer/Practicioner)
  15. Mr. Jimmy Nadeak (QA/QC Manager at Lgrande Global Teknologindo)
  16. Mr. Dida Mulyadi (Senior QC Welding Inspector/Engineer at PT. Toyo Kanetsu Indonesia)
  17. Mr. Bambang Safari Alwi (ABS Surveyor)
  18. Mr. Anang Kuswanto (Senior Project Coordinator / Quality Assurance Supervisor at PT. Caterpillar)
  19. Ms. Ajeng Maharani KP (PT. Hi-Test)
  20. Mr. Alfero Valentino (Deputy Plant Manager at PT. Hymindo Petromas Utama)
  21. Mr. Abdullah Merjani (Quarantine International Inspector at Clough)
  22. Mr. Parsamaan Harahap (ABS Surveyor)
  23. Mr. Abd. Radjak L. (LRS Surveyor)
  24. Mr. Puguh Pribadi (GL Surveyor)
  25. Mr. Agus Trang (International Welding Engineer at Labuan Shipyard Engineering, Malaysia)
  26. Mr. Darobi Syafi'i (LRS Industry)
  27. Mr. Firman Bhakti Winaya  (QA/QC Inspector/Engineer)
  28. Mr. Yogga Hutomo (Senior Quality Engineer at PT. Profab Indonesia)
  29. Mr. Bimo Lawaning Perang (Senior QA/QC Inspector/Engineer at PT. Cladtek)
  30. Mr. Nurmawan (QA/QC Engineer/Inspector)
  31. Mr. La Haerudin (QC Material Inspector at PT. McDermott Indonesia)
  32. Mr. Doni Afrizal (QA/QC Engineer at GlobalTech System Engineering (S) Pte Ltd.
  33. Mr. Bobby Antonio (ASME Authorized Inspector at Lloyd Register)
  34. Mr. Mario Andrethy (NDE Coordinator at Bechtel Corporation)
  35. Mr. Abdul Haris Hasibuan (QA/QC Inspector at Exxon Mobil Cepu Limited)
  36. Mr. Taufan Nugroho (QC Inspector/Engineer)
  37. Mr. Syaiful Anwar (Safety Inspector / Director at Panca Dynamic Perkasa)
  38. Mr. Eka Chandra (Project Engineer/Manager at PT. Profab Indonesia)
  39. Mr. Eka Yulizar (QA/QC at PT. Rotex)
  40. Mr. Syahrul Mubarok (Electrical & Instrument Inspector/Engineer at PT. McDermott Indonesia)
  41. Mr. Wisnu Agung Pitoyo (Subsea Tree Cell Leader at GE Oil & Gas)
  42. Mr. Johan (QA/QC Manager PT. Transalindo Eka Persada)
  43. Mr. FX Fernando Sagala (Inspection Engineer at PT. Rigspeks Perkasa)
  44. Mr. Nano Sumarno (QC Coordinator PT. Profab Indonesia)
  45. Mr. Zirmondri (Lead Quality Supplier at GE Oil & Gas)
  46. Mr. Belan Safari (TEKLA Steel Detailer/Engineer at PT. McDermott Indonesia)

Minimum Entry Requirement

  1. Academic background ( D-III ) minimum or Bachelor degree in technique.
  2. Senior high school degree and certified ASNT Level II. (1 years experience minimum)
  3. Senior high school degree with minimum 5 years as Inspector / Supervisor in welding.
  4. Senior high school degree with minimum 10 years experience in welding, fitting & subjected to satisfactory passed of entry test to satisfactory passed of entry test.


  1. This training conducted in min. 600 hours
  2. Normal training conducted at 19.00 to 23.15 WIB.

Schedule Training
To be advise accordingly


  1. Yayasan Pendidikan IKBAL-M-YOS - Main Campus Building, Garama Citra Hill Complex Block R No 3, 4, 6 & 7, Jl. Yos Soedarso, Batu Ampar, Batam. (As Examination Center/TUK registered by LSP Inspektur Maritim Indonesia - BNSP, and approved as Authorized Training Establishement/ATE by WENS QA under RTC Testing Diagnostics-UKAS Accredited providing Training & Examination for NDT Personnel Qualification in accordance with EN 473 / ISO 9712)
  2. Yayasan Pendidikan IKBAL-M-YOS - Campus II Building, Ruko Perumahan Taman Merapi Subur Block A1 No. 3, 4 & 5, Batu Aji, Batam. (As Examination Center/TUK registered by LSP Inspektur Maritim Indonesia - BNSP, and approved as Authorized Training Establishement/ATE by WENS QA under RTC Testing Diagnostics-UKAS Accredited providing Training & Examination for NDT Personnel Qualification in accordance with EN 473 / ISO 9712)
  3. PT. Hi-Test Laboratory of Mechanical Testing Century Park Blok F no. 6-7 Batam Centre.


  1. Upon completion and passed examinations, the participant will be awarded Welding Inspector Certified by MIGAS, APITINDO, DISNAKER Batam,
  2. BNSP Competency Certificate of Welding Inspector through LSP Inspektur Maritim Indonesia - Batam. Qualified KKNI Level 6 as equal to Senior Welding Inspector by others International Certification Body.
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